Diabetes-related amputations in the public healthcare sector in KwaZulu-Natal: a five-year perspective. Are we winning?

DOI: 10.1080/16089677.2018.1550956
Author(s): Pillay SomasundramEdendale Hospital, Pietermartizburg, South Africa, Pillay DavashniStar College Girls Durban Scholar, South Africa, Singh DeepakDepartment of Physics, South Africa, Pillay RomashanAthlone Park Durban Scholar, South Africa


Background: Diabetes-related complications in the form of lower limb amputations (LLA) remain a major concern globally in the form of both human suffering and increased fiscal burden. Studies conducted in developed countries have demonstrated that the burden of diabetes-related amputations is on the decrease. These decreasing trends in developed countries provide an insight (a surrogate marker) into overall diabetes control achieved in these countries. Similar data from studies conducted in South Africa and Africa itself are scarce.

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