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Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa

Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa
By Phil and Elaine Heemstra
Size: 167 x 234 mm
Pages: 512 pp
ISBN 13: 978-1-920033-01-9
Published: October 2004
Publishers: NISC (Pty) Ltd
Recommended Retail Price: R 300.00
Cover: Paperback

About the book

This up-to-date guide to over 400 species of the fascinating fishes along the coast of southern Africa is written for anyone interested in fish and will appeal to divers, aquarists, fishermen, fish-watchers and students. The work is also of interest to fishery biologists and ichthyologists.

Easy to navigate and accessible to the layperson, Coastal Fishes of Southern Africa features over 600 original paintings showing changes with growth and sexual differences in colour of many of the fishes. The species accounts include useful descriptions and other information enabling easy identification and comparison of similar species. The book is intended to assist in learning more about the biology and ecology of southern African marine fishes. A perfect companion to exploring the rich diversity of southern African shores.

About the Authors

Elaine and Phil Heemstra are based at the South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity (SAIAB) in Grahamstown, and they have collaborated on numerous scientific publications. They have co-written the text and all paintings in the book are by Elaine. Phil is a leading international authority on marine fishes and was co-editor (with Margaret Smith) of the comprehensive Smiths’ Sea Fishes.


  • Introduction Fish Names and Classification
  • The Southern African Coast Bony Anatomy;
  • Fish Shape, Size and Colouration Fish Biology
  • People and the Sea
  • Class Chondrichthyes: Cartilaginous Fishes&o Subclass Elasmobranchil - Sharks Batoids (Skates, Rays, etc) Subclass Holocephall - Elephantfish & Chimaeras;
  • Class Ostelchthyes: Bony Fishes Subclass Sarcopterygii - Flesh-fin Fishes & A Other Vertebrates Subclass Actinopterygii - Ray-fin Fishes;
  • Glossary & Abbreviations
  • References and Recommended Reading
  • Index

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