Swimming on the Edge of Extinction

Swimming on the Edge of Extinction: The Perilous State of the Indigenous Freshwater Fish of the Western Cape

The Perilous State of the Indigenous Freshwater Fish of the Western Cape

By Craig Garrow, Sean Marr
Size: 165 x 245 mm
Pages: 94 pp
ISBN 13: 9781920033132
Published: August 2012
Recommended Retail Price: R 195.00
Cover: Paperback

About the book

This book covers all currently recognized freshwater fish species that are indigenous to the Western Cape. Each species account is illustrated with exceptional photographs of fish in their natural environment together with descriptions of the distribution, biology, status and threats to the species. The book contains descriptions of major river catchments of the Western Cape, each illustrated with maps and photographs of important and picturesque mountain stream habitats. Easy-to-follow chapters summarise the range of threats to the indigenous freshwater fishes of the western Cape and provide strategies to halt and reverse their decline. Swimming on the edge of extinction will interest conservationists, biologists, ecologists, freshwater fisherman and all those who value the beautiful natural environment of the Western Cape. The book will motivate amateurs, professionals and the person in the street to take action and contribute towards conserving the remaining freshwater fish populations of the province.

About the Authors

Craig Garrow

The few years Craig spent living on a farm were the happiest of his formative years. This led to an early interest in nature, encompassing fishing in the Jukskei River and rearing and keeping all manner of wild birds, snakes and other animals. Thereafter competitive freshwater angling became a passion and he represented South Africa and both junior and senior levels. Although business interests left less time for fishing, Craig's real interest has always been nature. This found him in the mountains and rivers, monitoring indigenous fish. The purchase of an underwater camera in 2004 was the start of a catalogue of freshwater fish photographs. Sean Marr has a longstanding interest in nature. Growing up close to the beach on the South Coast of Kwazulu- Natal, Sean spent his early years fisihing for shad and exploring the rocky shores. While at school he kept tropical fish, with a measure of success. After completing a Bsc in Chemical Egineering, Sean pursued a career in the Mineral sector, before returning to university to complete am Msc in Chemical Egineering. An avid fly-fisher with a preference for indigenous fish, he became aware of the dire state of the indigenous freshwater fish of South Africa. He left engineering to study towards a Phd in Zoology. The topic of his Phd thesis is the conservation of the indigenous freshwater fish of the Cape floristic Region, specifically the management of alien fish. As a scuba diver with an interest in underwater photography, writing a book about freshwater fish of the Western Cape illustrated with photographs of the fish in their natural environment is a dream come true.

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