Retaining newly qualified chartered accountants: A South African case study

Published in: South African Journal of Accounting Research
Volume 33, issue 3, 2019 , pages: 220–235
DOI: 10.1080/10291954.2019.1638590
Author(s): Nabeelah DanielsCollege of Accounting, University of Cape Town, South Africa, Riyaan DavidsCollege of Accounting, University of Cape Town, South Africa


Retention of employees of the millennial generation is becoming an increasing problem for employers throughout the world. It has been found in prior research that higher levels of job satisfaction by employees in organisations was a key determinant in improving employee retention levels. This had the effect of increasing the ability of organisations to be competitive in the market. The focus of this study is to determine the levels of job satisfaction of newly qualified chartered accountants. It then goes further by analysing the factors which influence their overall levels of job satisfaction. The results are valuable for employers of chartered accountants from the millennial generation in that it allows employers to better understand and improve working conditions in their organisations in order to increase overall job satisfaction levels, reduce employee turnover and ultimately increase organisations’ competitive positions in the market.

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