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Conversations with Memorable Personalities

Conversations with Memorable Personalities
By Amos Malupenga
Size: 170x 244 mm
Pages: 668 pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-920033-88-0
Published: May 2022
Publishers: NISC (Pty) Ltd
Recommended Retail Price: R 400.00
Cover: Paperback

About the book

Set against a background of the story of Lusaka’s daily newspaper, The Post, where the author worked as one of the founding journalists and ultimately managing editor, Conversations with Memorable Personalities is a collection of 45 interviews with prominent individuals who have featured in the politics and daily life of Zambia over the past several decades.

Reviewer’s Comments

"This book is loaded. There is usually no such a cocktail of prominent personalities covered in one book. I kept on salivating on the featured names under the “Conversations” section. The book has captured a good slice of Zambia’s political story." 
Rex Mudenda - Lusaka-based risk-management professional and reader of political science literature

"A page turning thriller of historical, social and political value. Each prominent personality comes alive through Amos Malupenga’s compelling narrative, allowing us rare glimpses into their personal experiences and connections to pivotal events that have impacted and coloured our fascinating national story."
Mulenga Kapwepwe - prolific Zambian author


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About the Authors

Amos Malupenga is a talented journalist, splendid author, communications expert and a gifted public administrator.

He practiced journalism extensively for 16 years before resigning as managing editor of The Post in 2011 to join the Government of the Republic of Zambia as permanent secretary. 

He served as permanent secretary for 10 years in various ministries including Local Government and Housing, Information and Labour, Tourism and Arts, and Information and Broadcasting Services which was his last position in September 2021 following the change of government. 

A few months before the 2021 presidential elections, he also served as Chief Government Spokesperson. 

During his tenure as permanent secretary, he served on over 20 Boards of Directors for parastatal and quasi government institutions as director.

He holds a Bachelor of Communications from Australia’s Edith Cowan University, among other qualifications. He is studying for a MBA in Management Strategy, pursuing the final stage.

Malupenga is also the author of Levy Patrick Mwanawasa, An Incentive for Posterity (2009).


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About the cover picture
Part 1: My ‘Post’ memoir 
Chapter 1: Myth of a cartel 7
Chapter 2: Reuniting with Mwanawasa, once more
Chapter 3: Sata, ‘The Post’ ‘in love’ again
Chapter 4: ‘The Post’ under Rupiah’s rule
Chapter 5: Quitting the ‘Bwinjimfumu Government’
Chapter 6: Birth of ‘The Post’
Chapter 7: Growth of ‘The Post’
Chapter 8: Legal battles
Chapter 9: ‘Death’ of ‘The Post’
Chaper 10: Fred M’membe and his presidential ambitions
Part 2: In conversation with
1. Graça Machel: Rubbing her up the wrong way
2. Dr. Kamoyo Mwale: America and the West, Zambia’s 1991 agents of change
3. Dr. Mbita Chitala: Spearheading Zambia’s return to multipartyism
4. Lewis Changufu: Scheming for Zambia’s independence
5. Regina Chiluba: I am the good thing in Chiluba’s life
6. Archie Malie Mactribouy: No love affair with Vera Chiluba
7. Dr. Manasseh Phiri: I have forgiven them all
8. Robinson Zulu: Bathing with my wife
9. Vernon Mwaanga: Men without a past can’t guide the future
10. Eric Silwamba: I get more out of whiskey than whiskey does out of me
11. Edith Nawakwi: I’m versatile – can sell at the market and eat with kings
12. Professor Nkandu Luo: My marriage failed because I am a high-flyer
13. Dr. Francis Manda: Failure had nothing to do with high-flying!
14. Anderson Kambela Mazoka: The miracle man
15. Hakainde Hichilema: Ascendancy to UPND presidency
16. Sakwiba Sikota: I walked with Mazoka in all seasons
17. Anna Chifungula: The nosy Auditor General
18. Professor Alan Haworth: A name linked to madness 
19. Mark Chona: From a villager to a key State House advisor
20. Dr. Guy Scott: Zambia is one of the world’s best kept secrets
21. Dr. Nevers Mumba: Appointment as Republican vice-president was heavy
22. Dr. Inonge Mbikusita-Lewanika: A woman of many possibilities
23. Elias Chipimo Snr.: Going back to the village, away from scandals
24. Regina Musokotwane: Women chased after my husband
25. Aaron Milner: My highs and lows with Kenneth Kaunda
25. Yoram Mumba: Plotting the 1980 failed coup
27. Captain Solo: Attempting to overthrow Chiluba
28. Reuben and Edna Kamanga: True lovers to the end
29. Dr. Rodger Chongwe: Back from a self-imposed exile
30. Grey Zulu: Corruption is ever getting worse
31. John Sangwa: We defended Chiluba as a matter of principle
32. Professor Patrick Mvunga: The constitution making process in Zambia
33. Princess Nakatindi Wina: The battle to marry Sikota
34. Sikota Wina: We were popular among women
35. Enoch Kavindele: How I attempted to challenge Kenneth Kaunda in 1990
36. Chisha Folotiya: Divorcing Dora Siliya
37. Martin Kalungu-Banda: Taking my bride together with her maiden name
38. Dr. Caleb Fundanga: It’s a scandal for Zambia to be poor
39. Xavier Chungu: The chief spy that was spied on
40. General Malimba Masheke: Single life is not nice
41. Simon Zukas: Joining the natives in fighting for Zambia’s independence
42. Alexander Chikwanda: KK began to run Zambia like his company
43. Michael Sata: They only allowed me two minutes with my wife
44. Charles Milupi: I can bring value to leadership in any capacity
45. Rupiah Bwezani Banda: I was ‘adopted’ by a white family in Sweden
Epilogue – Democracy vs. Theocracy..


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