Scientific paper

Comparison of Eucalyptus grandis Provenances and Seed Orchards in a Frost Frequent Environment

Published in: South African Forestry Journal
Volume 159, issue 1, 1991 , pages: 51–59
DOI: 10.1080/00382167.1991.9630395
Author(s): D.L. RockwoodDepartment of Forestry, USA, G.F. Meskimen, USA


An international provenance trial of Eucalyptus grandis was established in southern Florida in 1980 and measured for growth and frost-tolerance through 8,8 years. The trial compared 20 Australian provenances 1) among themselves and 2) with seed orchard stock from Florida and South Africa. Florida orchard seedlots grew better than nearly all other material, including a South African clonal seed orchard bulklot. Provenance variability was significant for growth, survival, and frost-tolerance, with some provenances notably more frost-tolerant than provenances previously introduced into the Florida breeding population. Only the Herberton provenance was comparable to advanced-generation Florida seedlots in all critical traits. Importation of some provenances from the northern part of the species range may be warranted to broaden the genetic base of E. grandis in Florida. Further comparisons in a supplemental study and a Florida genetic base population also noted variation between relatively close provenances and provenances by site interaction for growth characteristics. Provenances superior as early as age one year in the field were usually best at 8,8 years, but the tallest seedlings in the nursery did not maintain superiority in the field. Soil types influenced growth significantly, and provenance X soil type interactions were common. Single-tree plots evaluated provenances much more efficiently than block plots.

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