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This journal's name has been changed. Contents of the South African Forestry Journal are available in the tab below, however the journals is currently known as Southern Forests.

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Volume 177, Issue 1, 1996


Scientific Paper

Plant Nematodes in the Bergplaas Plantation, Western Cape Province with a Description of a New Criconema Species and Notes on Two Known Species of Criconematidae
Author(s): Mariette MaraisNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,, Esther van den BergNational Collection of Nematodes, Biosystematics Division,
Pages: 1–6
The Blackwood Group System: its relevance for sustainable forest management in the southern Cape
Author(s): CoertJ. GeldenhuysDivision of Water, Environment and Forestry Technology, Southern Africa
Pages: 7–21

Research Note

Incidence of Natural Ectomycorrhizal Infection of Pine and Eucalypt Seedlings in Three KwaZulu-Natal Nurseries
Author(s): MichaelD. RelihanDepartment of Microbiology and Plant Pathology,, MarkD. LaingDepartment of Microbiology and Plant Pathology,
Pages: 31–38

Technical Note

Identifying Tree Clones
Author(s): P.J. WilsonDepartamento de Engenharia Florestal, Portugal, N., M.G. BorralhoCooperative Centre for Temperate Hardwood Forestry, Plant Science Dept., Australia
Pages: 39–40

Review Article

Vegetation management in Pinus radiata: A literature review
Author(s): S.F. GousFaculty of Forestry, South Africa
Pages: 41–50

General Paper

The Growing of Poplars for a Niche Market
Author(s): B.C. Churchill,, D.W. van der ZelDepartment of Water Affairs and Forestry,
Pages: 55–59

Book Review

News Item: A Short Work Summary of a PhD Thesis

Pulpwood Testing and Evaluation: A Case Study for a Proposed Kraft Pulp Mill and Associated Plantations in Zimbabwe
Author(s): Allie MuneriCooperative Research Centre for Temperate Hardwood Forestry, Australia
Pages: 64–64

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