Doctors for Tomorrow

Doctors for Tomorrow: Family Medicine in South Africa

Family Medicine in South Africa

By Jannie Hugo & Lucie Allan
Size: 240 x 165 mm
Pages: 96 pp
ISBN 13: 978-1-920033-03-3
Published: May 2008
Publishers: NISC (Pty) Ltd
Recommended Retail Price: R 60.00
Cover: Paperback

About the book

“The family is the most important level of care in Africa.”
Professor Steve Reid,
Centre for Rural Health, University of KwaZulu-Natal

The changes taking place within family medicine in South Africa today affect the provision of health care in both public and private sectors.

From 2008, every new GP will have to be trained in a public-sector district hospital, and will have to acquire some experience and knowledge of rural health problems.

The new GPs working in the private sector will be required to demonstrate a palpable commitment to the provision of social justice and equity in health.

The doctors of tomorrow will not only be more skilled in dealing with day-to-day primary health-care issues, but will also be qualified to perform procedures that were previously the exclusive preserve of medical specialists. This book intends to give both medical practitioners and the general public some insight into the background of family practice in South Africa, and highlight a way forward that will give effect to the constitutional right to health care for all through improved access to quality primary health services.


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