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Relationships among Leisure, Social Self-Image, Peer Pressure and At-Risk Behaviours of Adolescents in Nigeria

Published in: Journal of Psychology in Africa
Volume 17, issue 1-2, 2007 , pages: 73–77
DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2007.10820147
Author(s): Alfred A. AdegokeUniversity of Ilorin, Nigeria, Christiana A. AyoadeUniversity of Ilorin, Nigeria


This study investigated the relationships among leisure, social self image, peer pressure and at-risk behaviours of adolescents in Nigeria. It also examined the moderating roles of gender, age, and locale and school type on measured relationships. A total of 1,141 adolescents with a mean age of 16 participated in the study. The results revealed significant relationships among leisure, social self-image, peer pressure and involvement in at-risk behaviours. Leisure was found to be greatest predictor of at-risk behaviours. The variable of gender stood out as a significant moderator of the relationships between leisure, social self-image, peer pressure and at-risk behaviours, while school type moderated only the relationship between leisure and at-risk behaviours.

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