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Choice of words in the Short Stories of DBZ Ntuli with reference to Synonyms

Published in: South African Journal of African Languages
Volume 22, issue 1, 2002 , pages: 28–40
DOI: 10.1080/02572117.2002.10587496
Author(s): JK MabuzaDepartment of African Languages, Republic of South Africa


Choice of words is one aspect or element of style. This topic entails such sub-sections as semantic cognates, semantic contrasts, diminutives, numbers and so forth. Ntuli, as a short story writer, is an author whose style remains unparalleled in his usage of word choice. This article will focus on synonyms as one element of style found in Ntuli's short stories. Semantic cognates, which can be viewed as a universal set of the above elements, can be defined as words or word groups or expressions which are referentially related in that they refer to the same referents. This article will therefore demonstrate how Ntuli uses the ‘synonym’. We shall discuss these relations as they appear within context.

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