Research Article

The Delphi technique: a tutorial

Published in: Research in Hospitality Management
Volume 12, issue 1, 2022 , pages: 91–97
DOI: 10.1080/22243534.2022.2080942
Author(s): Victoria Naisola-Ruiter, The Netherlands


The Delphi technique is a recognised research technique designed as a futures-oriented methodology that gathers data by engaging a panel of experts to make judgements on a specific real-world issue. The technique enables the researcher to interact with key stakeholders and decision makers in the field, who are well experienced and trained in the specialised area of knowledge related to the target issue of the research, enabling researchers to gain a deeper understanding of real-world opinions. The Delphi technique has been described as a qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods approach as the collection of narrative group opinion, coupled with the strictly structured nature of the process and quantitively described results, poses a challenge to situate the approach in a specific methodological category and its usage. This methods tutorial discussion aims to illustrate the usage of the Delphi technique by providing a worked example to demonstrate the proposed method in a hospitality industry setting.

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