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Responsible Journalism by Example

Responsible Journalism by Example
By Samuel Ngoma
Size: 210 x 148 mm
Pages: 162 pp
ISBN 13: 978-1-920033-10-1
Published: January 2011
Publishers: Published on behalf of the author (Samuel Ngoma) by NISC (Pty) Ltd
Recommended Retail Price: R 125.00
Cover: Paperback

About the book

Responsible Journalism by Example showcases the work of veteran Zambian journalist Samuel Ngoma who has collected together more than 30 of stories out of a body of work running to over two thousand articles produced while at the Times of Zambia.

Responsible Journalism by Example includes articles on topics ranging from the liberation struggle in southern Africa at its height and multi-party politics in Zambia to in-depth analyses, community news, media regulation, profiles of luminaries and an African journalist’s fresh perspectives on international stories. Presenting the “story behind the story” Ngoma sketches the fascinating background to the articles and gives insight into this successful journalists approach to his work.

About the Authors

Samuel Ngoma is a veteran Zambian journalist who had an illustrious 16-year journalism career at the Times of Zambia in Lusaka (the newspaper was once voted Africa’s leading broadsheet).

Before moving on to serve his country in another field, Ngoma churned out countless feature articles - a possible 1 350, averaging two per week in the 13 years he spent on the features desk alone. This article output excludes earlier sports stories and later political communication when political editor.

In 1992, he was voted Zambia’s best feature writer during the Press Association of Zambia’s (PAZA) national awards ceremony in Ndola.

In 1994, Ngoma covered South Africa’s first democratic elections from the notorious Hillbrow suburb in Johannesburg and the Afrikaner stronghold of Standerton.

Ngoma has undertaken postgraduate studies in Mass Communications at Leicester University in England. He is author of the book: Why is God silent on Mandela? published in 2009 by America’s Creation House.


Part 1: Behind the Stories

  • The story behind some stories
  • My own brief story
  • What is responsible journalism?

Part 2: Some of the Stories

  • Walking the Golan Heights first-hand
  • Marike de Klerk: Power behind FW
  • Mecoz: Oxygen of responsible journalism
  • CBN staffer believes in responsible journalism
  • The UN through the eyes of an African journalist.
  • Zinzi Mandela speaks out on parents’ divorce
  • Face to face with Shaka Zulu
  • Rhodesian rebel leader Smith spills the beans. Bombing Zambia relived
  • Zambian team plane crash horror has left ugly scar
  • The die is cast: Never say die
  • Tracking down Lusaka serial killer
  • Zambia’s 1991 Kuomboka: Crossing over to democracy
  • Author of Zambia national anthem traced ...Stand and sing of Jonathan Lichilana!
  • Neria: Africa’s property-grabbers caught on camera
  • Jovial side of members of Parliament
  • Zambia: Icon of national unity
  • Is Angola simply war mongering?
  • Dr Chiluba: The sound bites
  • Zambia’s 3rd president: Expectations
  • Ruling MMD: Painstaking search for a president
  • Who is Mwanawasa?
  • Judge Mwanawasa on merit
  • Manifestos: The search for an authentic force
  • Presidential nominations: A cloud on the horizon for hopefuls
  • Salient features why Mwanawasa won
  • Who are you named after?
  • Mbeki’s exile years in Lusaka
  • Zambian women eye State House
  • Voters’ registration apathy could be dangerous
  • UNIP: A storm before the polls
  • FDD: Face to face with reality
  • The flip side of Tshala Muana
  • SADC states grapple with corruption
  • Mapushi: Moments before his death...Who killed Zambia’s Home Affairs minister?
  • KK’s first birthday outside State House in 27 years


“We saw into the mind of many a living legend because one Zambian journalist (Samuel Ngoma) dared to do more than the usual quota of work that scribes are often wont to do. This is why this book captures journalism by example.”
- CHARLES KACHIKOTI, veteran journalist, Ndola, Zambia

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