A mammal survey of the Serra Jeci Mountain Range, Mozambique, with a review of records from northern Mozambique’s inselbergs

Published in: African Zoology
Volume 54, issue 1, 2019 , pages: 31–42
DOI: 10.1080/15627020.2019.1583081
Author(s): Tim van BerkelBiodiversity Inventory for Conservation (BINCO), Belgium, Emidio SumbaneNatural History Museum, Praca Travessia do Zambeze, Mozambique, Samuel EI JonesBiodiversity Inventory for Conservation (BINCO), Belgium, Merlijn JocqueBiodiversity Inventory for Conservation (BINCO), Belgium


The mountains of northern Mozambique have remained poorly studied biologically until recent years with surveys covering a variety of taxonomic groups highlighting their biological and conservation value. Even so, the medium and large mammal fauna remains poorly known and to date no systematic mammal surveys have been published from any of Mozambique’s mountains. We present results of a medium and large mammal survey of Serra Jeci’s Mt Chitagal, Mt Sanga and the Njesi Plateau in Niassa, northern Mozambique; the first mammal diversity data collected from these isolated mountains. We recorded 27 mammal species, of which six represent range expansions; Sykes’s monkey (Cercophitecus mitis), Mozambique dwarf galago (Paragalago granti), Smith’s red rock hare (Pronolagus rupestris), lesser cane rat (Thryonomys gregorianus), rock hyrax (Procavia capensis) and African buffalo (Syncerus caffer). We also reviewed and collated records of medium and large mammals from previously published fieldwork on northern Mozambique’s mountains, amounting to a total of 34 large mammal species from seven montane areas, highlighting the lack of mammalian knowledge in Mozambique’s Afromontane habitats.

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