Functionally graded metal matrix composite by centrifugal casting technique mathematical correlation


The functionally graded materials (FGMs) solidification process has complicated movement phenomena of fluid, solute and heat. These phenomena control the segregation of particles in a molten matrix, interactions of particles with a solidification front and the integration of particles in the solidifying matrix. The desired particle distribution in a solidified component can be achieved by manipulating the time of solidification and this makes the study of particle motion during solidification important. This study involved analysis of particle/matrix configuration, solid/liquid interface shape within the vicinity of the particle, thermal conductivity and the pushing/engulfment transition. An overview of the mathematical models of centrifugal casting of FGMs is presented and these include forces acting on the particle; melt particle and solid/liquid interface forces; composite thermal conductivity; heat-transfer coefficient composites; volume fraction resolution; and, particle matrix field temperature configuration.

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