Knowledge transfer model for improving productivity of the cable manufacturing industry: A South African perspective

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1371271
Author(s): Thomas MunyaiDepartment of Operations Management, South Africa, Stephen NyakalaDepartment of Operations Management, South Africa, Charles MbohwaFaculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, South Africa


Industry is faced with increased challenges relating to transferring knowledge due to the complex nature of the manufacturing process. This paper is part of a comprehensive research study to develop a knowledge transfer model for improving productivity. Although knowledge management research generally flourishes, few investigations have been made into the transfer of knowledge in the cable industry. A questionnaire survey was therefore conducted with a total of 135 respondents. Taking the view that cable systems are a production processes, this paper develops a conceptual framework for improving the productivity rate, and affords a preliminary validation. Not much research has surveyed this concept of knowledge transfer in the manufacturing sector. The findings will therefore add to the existing body of knowledge and improve the productivity ratio in cable firms. The model suggests that management can create a working environment which promotes knowledge transfer which requires a large amount of interaction. In addition to this, future research can utilize the model to afford a wider-ranging depiction of the determinants of transferring knowledge.

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