Generating optimum solar output energy with three-dimensional photovoltaic system – the effect of solar radiation

DOI: 10.1080/20421338.2017.1341092
Author(s): Olufunmilayo Alice MafimidiwoSchool of Engineering, South Africa, Akshay Kumar SahaSchool of Engineering, South Africa


In order to optimize the solar energy generated from a photovoltaic solar panel, adequate utilization of the global irradiation incident on the photovoltaic panel is necessary. Solar irradiation received on the surface of any material on the earth could be considered as the power absorbed in the entire volume of that material and could be measured in Watts per unit volume. This is the technology behind the three-dimensional photovoltaic structure. The three-dimensional photovoltaic structure is a new technology consisting of photovoltaic modules assembled in a three-dimensional configuration. This paper mathematically utilizes the three-dimensional nature of the photovoltaic panel to analyze the effectiveness of measuring energy in per unit volume. The solar energy generated in Durban in the month of January was utilized as an example to analyse and compare the output solar energy generated for both the 3-D and the 2-D system options. The results obtained are compared and discussed.

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