Original Article

The conflict between industry hosts and master’s degree students’ expectations on students entering the hospitality industry

Published in:
Volume 4, issue 1&2, 2014 , pages: 65–70
DOI: 10.2989/RHM.2014.4.1&2.9.1255
Author(s): Rajka PresburyBlue Mountains International Hotel School, Sydney, Australia, Janette IllingsworthBlue Mountains International Hotel School, Sydney, Australia, Scott RichardsonBlue Mountains International Hotel School, Sydney, Australia,


This paper reports on a qualitative study that sought to determine Australian industry hosts’ expectations and perceptions of
hotel management master’s degree students on their placement in the industry, and the expectations of students when entering
industry placement. The empirical dataset for this qualitative study was collected through student and industry focus groups and
individual semi-structured interviews with master’s students and managers of hotels in Sydney, Australia. The technique used
for analysing the data was progressive comparative analysis, after which a constant comparative methodology was applied.
The conclusions outline common themes and issues identified by students and their hosts and highlight a need for educators to
better prepare both students and hosts.

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