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Self-Formation and the speculative: Gadamer and Lacan

Published in: South African Journal of Philosophy
Volume 21, issue 4, 2002 , pages: 258–273
DOI: 10.4314/sajpem.v21i4.31351
Author(s): Andrea HurstPhilosophy, Centre for Advanced Studies University of Port Elizabeth, South Africa


Gadamer’s project in Truth and Method is as much about truth in the human sciences as it is about human subjectivity, for, following Heidegger, he claims that truth is reducible to method (technical rationality) only if one is misled by old Enlightenment subject/object dualisms. Posing the question of the possibility and nature of truth in scientific thinking, where a strict division between subjective and objective has fallen away, Gadamer belongs, as one of its inaugural figures, to an alternative tradition of philosophical complexity, which implicates environmental systems (culture, ideology, institutions), embedded in language, in the constitution of human subjectivity.

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