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Reproductive biology of spiny lobster Panulirus regius from the north-western Cape Verde Islands


Green (spiny) lobsters Panulirus regius were obtained by diving at Cape Verde, West Africa, during three sampling periods: May–November 2001, April–December 2002 and April–June 2003. Totals of 429 male lobsters and 423 females (852 in all) were caught. Half the females were ovigerous throughout the sampling periods. Female estimated size-at-50% maturity was 87.9mm carapace length (CL). Brood size and egg developmental stage were examined in 68 ovigerous females. The relationship between brood size (BS, thousands of eggs) and CL (mm) was BS = 1.59CL2.77. Females in the size-class 100–105mm and 115–120mm CL produced half the eggs in the population. Based on these results, an increase in the minimum landing size is proposed. The potential implementation of a maximum landing size is discussed.

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