Brief Note

Spionid polychaetes infesting cultured abalone Haliotis midae in South Africa

Published in: African Journal of Marine Science
Volume 28, issue 1, 2006 , pages: 167–171
DOI: 10.2989/18142320609504141
Author(s): CA Simon, A Ludford, S Wynne


A study was conducted to identify and quantify the spionid polychaetes that infest cultured abalone Haliotis midae at aquaculture facilities on the west (Farm A), south (Farms B and C) and east (Farm D) coasts of South Africa. The relationship between total intensity of infestation by the polydorids and the condition of their hosts at Farms A, B and D were also measured. The abalone were infested by Dipolydora capensis, Polydora hoplura and a Boccardia sp. However, the intensity of infestation differed among sites, suggesting that both geographical and farm-specific conditions may influence species composition. Total intensity of infestation has a negative impact on the condition of abalone at the three farms tested, but at Farms A and B, this effect was reduced in larger abalone.

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