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Invloed van bemesting op die oliekonsentrasie oliekwaliteit van sonneblomsaad

Published in: South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Volume 2, issue 4, 1985 , pages: 211–214
DOI: 10.1080/02571862.1985.10634172
Author(s): H.L. LoubserOlie- en Proteïensadesentrum, Departement Landbou en Watervoorsiening,, C.L. GrimbeekOlie- en Proteïensadesentrum, Departement Landbou en Watervoorsiening,


Influence of fertilization on the oil concentration and oil quality of sunflower seed. Fertilizer trials (N,P,K and lime) were conducted over two seasons at three localities. Results indicate that 150 kg N ha−1 fertilizer decreased the oil concentration of the seed by approximately 2% and the linoleic acid concentration of the oil by approximately 3%, whereas the protein concentration and the oleic acid concentration increased with increasing levels of nitrogen. Phosphorus and potassium fertilization had no effect on these characteristics. Nitrogen fertilization could therefore be used to alter the oil: protein ratio of the seed as well as the linoleic acid:oleic acid ratio of the oil.

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