Nation, power and dissidence in third generation Nigerian poetry in English

Nation, power and dissidence in third generation Nigerian poetry in English
By Sule E. Egya
Size: 170 × 240 mm
Pages: 188 pages
ISBN 13: 978-1-920033-44-6
Published: March 2019
Publishers: NISC (Pty) Ltd for African Humanities Program
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Cover: Paperback

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Nation, Power and Dissidence in Third Generation Nigerian Poetry in English is a theoretical and analytical survey of the poetry that emerged in Nigeria in the 1980s. Hurt into poetry, the poets collectively raise aesthetics of resistance that dramatises the nationalist imagination bridging the gap between poetry and politics in Nigeria. The emerging generation of poetic voices raises an outcry against the repressive military regimes of the 1980s and 1990s. Ingrained in the tradition of protest literature in Africa, the third-generation poetry is presented here as part of the cultural struggles that unseat military despotism and envisage a democratic society.

Not only does Egya place emphasis on the poetry's interaction with the culture and history of military oppression in Nigeria − an interaction that sees the poetry not only feeding from the history but also feeding it; he also contextualises the generational consciousness of these poets. Scholars of Nigerian literature, African literature, and researchers interested in world literatures will welcome Nation, Power and Dissidence in Third Generation Nigerian Poetry in English as an invaluable contribution to indigenous knowledge, critical studies in Africa, and the rehabilitation and production of an African aesthetic.

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About the Authors

Sule E. Egya is associate professor in the Department of English, Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida University, Lapai, Nigeria. His research interests include the intersection of literature and politics in Africa, feminism, cultural studies, and ecocriticism. He is the author of Poetics of Rage: A Reading of Remi Raji's Poetry, The writings of Zaynab Alkali and In Their Voices and Visions: Conversations with New Nigerian Writers. He is also a creative writer. His novel Sterile Sky won the 2013 Commonwealth Book Prize for the Africa Region. His poetry volumes include What the Sea Told Me (winner of the ANA Gabriel Okara Prize), Naked Sun, and Knifing Tongues.


Chapter 1: Introduction 
Chapter 2: The question of generation literary tradition, influence, anxiety
Chapter 3 Poetics and subjectivity: making poetry serve humanity 
Chapter 4 Dissident dirge: elegy against the oppressor 
Chapter 5 Myth and materialism: deploying myth against the myth of power 
Chapter 6 Feminist act: feminising the struggle against the oppressor
Chapter 7 Eco-human engagement: facing the oppressor over the Niger Delta 
Chapter 8 Conclusion: exile and the trope of dispersal 
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