Best Paper in 2020 Awarded

Posted 27 August 2021 by under Announcements & Notices • Journal: African Journal of Range & Forage Science
Best Paper in 2020 Awarded

After careful consideration by the African Journal of Range & Forage Science Editorial Board, the best paper published during the past year (Volume 37; 2020) has been identified. The award went to the paper on “Megaherbivore response to droughts under different management regimes: lessons from a large African savanna” by Izak Smit, Mike Peel, Sam Ferreira, Cathy Greaver and Danie Pienaar.

The paper was selected based on originality of the science, quality and impact of the science, scope of the research or review and the effectiveness of communication. As such, the paper can be read at no cost until the end of September here in a special marketing drive. 

Their results demonstrated that drought interacts with spatio-temporal environmental gradients and management actions. This study also provided convincing evidence, especially for buffalo, showing how increased artificial water points results in lower herbaceous biomass during droughts, leading to greater population reductions through mortality and movement. 

The study illustrates how theGreater Kruger National Park is increasingly functioning as an integrated ecosystem formegaherbivores.

Congratulations to the authors on being voted the best paper published in the African Journal of Range and Forage Science in 2020! The author(s) will receive the award at the Awards Ceremony of the 2021 GSSA Congress to be held 26 to 30 July.

The paper was wonderfully laid out and rapidly published
- Author- Ostrich: Journal of African Ornithology
Excellent attention by editor-in-chief; very good work of reviewers; good time for review and processing.
- Author - African Journal of Range & Forage Science
A very supportive, personal and committed editorial team, which takes quality of the work very seriously. I learned a lot through the experience of publishing with Anthropology Southern Africa, and felt supported throughout the process.
- Author - Anthropology Southern Africa
The editorial experience was excellent: the reviewers were timely and their feedback was generative. The co-editor of the special issue was proactive about communicating information to me. In latter stages, the staff that shepherded the essay through the copy-editing stages was also very helpful and in good contact.
- Author - Eastern African Literary and Cultural Studies
The review process is quick and is being done within the reasonable time. After acceptance, NISC is also quick enough to send proofs and is very efficiently publishes the accepted paper online before its print version.

- Author - Southern Forests: A Journal of Forest Science