African Pastoralism and Rangelands in the context of Global Objectives

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African Pastoralism and Rangelands in the context of Global Objectives
A call for submissions for a special issue for African Journal of Range and Forage Science is being made under the topic, “African Pastoralism and Rangelands in the context of Global Objectives”. 
The special issue is in support of the proposal for an International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (IYRP) in 2026 and will cover global issues pertinent to rangelands and pastoralists in Africa. 
Being published in 2023, the purpose of the special issue will also be to highlight global objectives and initiatives that have implications for the continent and focus on the role that African Pastoralism could play to achieve regional and global objectives. 
An IYRP will be celebrated to raise the profile of pastoralists and rangelands and increase recognition of how they contribute to the economy, environment, society and culture at a local, national and global level.
The special issue with be guest edited by Dr Igshaan Samuels from the Agricultural Research Council in South Africa, Prof. Prisca Mugabe from the University of Zimbabwe, in Zimbabwe and Dr Anthony Egeru from RUFORUM & the Makarere University in Uganda. 
Over half of the Earth’s land surface is considered rangeland which are critical for the livelihoods and cultures of more than 500 million pastoralists worldwide. Themes for the special issue include, but are not limited to, changes in global diets away from livestock products, how climate change may affect the foundations of pastoral mobility and livelihoods in Africa and how the Bonn challenge (planting 1 trillion trees may affect grassy ecosystems in Africa. 
The special issue may also seek include topics on mining, African pastoralism and the SDGs and African development agenda as well as global and regional rangeland and pastoral policies. 
Instructions for Authors can be found here

• First Call/Invitation for Abstracts – 31st Aug 2021.
• Second Call/Invitation for Abstracts – 30th Sep 2021.
• Final Submission Date for Titles & Abstracts – 31st Oct 2021.
• Authors meeting/workshop – 30th Nov 2021.
• Full Paper Submission – 15th May 2022. 
• First Revisions by Authors – 31st August 2022.
• Final Revisions by Authors – 30th September 2022
Online Publication (all contributions will be published simultaneously) – 15th February 2023

Abstracts should be submitted via email (Word or PDF document including all authors and affiliations) to the Journal Administrator, Freyni du Toit ( by 31st October 2021..

Any further queries can be directed to Dr Igshaan Samuels via email (

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