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The role of acacia karroo in the false thornveld of the eastern cape die rol van acacia karroo in die skyn‐doring veld van die oos‐kaap

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9649003
Author(s): A.J. AucampDepartment of Agriculture (Eastern Cape Region),, J.E. DanckwertsDepartment of Agriculture (Eastern Cape Region),, W.R. TeagueDepartment of Agriculture (Eastern Cape Region),, J.J. VenterDepartment of Agriculture (Eastern Cape Region),


An investigation was undertaken to determine the relationship between tree density and grass production, tree density and overall feed production and between tree density and animal production. It was found that grass production does not decrease linearly with increasing tree densities. Grass production is not affected up to a density of 297 tree equivalents per ha. Maximum feed production (grass plus bush) was achieved at 847 tree equivalent per ha. The maximum red meat production that could be achieved by using a combination of Boer goats and cattle was estimated by extrapolation to be at a tree density of 2 600 tree equivalents per ha, while the maximum gross margin would have been at 1 620 tree equivalents per ha.

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