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Relating Identity Processing Styles to Commitment and Self-esteem among College Students

Published in: Journal of Psychology in Africa
Volume 19, issue 3, 2009 , pages: 309–314
DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2009.10820296
Author(s): Joseph SeabiUniversity of the Witwatersrand,


The role that identity processing styles may play in commitment and self-esteem were investigated. Measures of identity processing styles, commitment and self-esteem were administered to 112 psychology students (mean age = 18.77 years, SD = 1.3 years, males = 33, females = 79). Results revealed a statistically significant difference between Informational and Diffuse-avoidant identity processing styles on commitment. There was also a significant difference between Normative and Diffuse-avoidant processing styles on commitment. Students with Informational and Normative identity styles may be better adjusted to higher education learning than those with a different profile.

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