Research Article

Analysing species site-specific tree growth, mortality and in-growth for miombo woodlands in Tanzania


The silvicultural information base for the development of management regimes for Tanzanian miombo woodlands is underdeveloped. The limited and fragmented information on tree growth and stand dynamics has constrained the progress of sustainable management in these woodlands. Therefore, this study focused on analysing major components of tree growth, mortality, in-growth and stand dynamics on permanent sample plots in miombo woodlands. Empirical modelling within a species-grouping framework was applied to tree increment as a function of the species characteristics, tree size and stand conditions. An inversed J-shape diameter distribution of the stand indicated the presence of a working regeneration process, pointing towards sustainability in stand structures. The regulation of stand density is one of the key parameters in the sustainable management of miombo woodlands, providing a powerful tool for maximising in-growth, minimising mortality and enhancing tree growth and yield for a healthier miombo ecosystem.

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