Original Articles

The comparative function in Zulu

Published in: South African Journal of African Languages
Volume 16, issue 1, 1996 , pages: 18–26
DOI: 10.1080/02572117.1996.10587113
Author(s): PumlaV. MdontswaDepartment of African Languages,, MaryC. BillDepartment of African Languages,


The relationship between language function and language structures is multi-faceted. This article seeks to explore the specific relationship between the function of comparison and the linguistic forms expressing this function in Zulu. Data drawn from the text of a modern Zulu novel provides many examples of this function-form relationship. The study was undertaken as part of a search for suitable material for a projected communicative course for third language learners of Zulu. A course of this nature, based on a functional-notional syllabus, should enable these learners to use the language appropriately while their language knowledge is being expanded at the same time through more direct language teaching. The data and analysis may also be useful to teachers of Zulu as first language, who are as concerned about functional appropriateness as they are about language accuracy.

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