Case Report

Ovarian germ cell tumour and bleomycin-induced lung injury

DOI: 10.1080/20742835.2018.1479213
Author(s): P BarnardtDepartment of Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology (MICO), South Africa, S Griffith-RichardsDepartment of Medical Imaging and Clinical Oncology (MICO), South Africa


Bleomycin, an antibiotic agent with antitumour activity, is an important drug in the management of many oncological malignancies such as lymphoma and germ cell tumours. These tumours are potentially curable and mostly affect young people. The potential side effects and long-term toxicities should be considered. The major limitation of bleomycin therapy is pulmonary toxicity and may be life threatening in about 10% of cases. This article reports a case of an ovarian mixed germ cell tumour, which presented with bleomycin-associated pulmonary toxicity.

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