Research Article

A Multidimensional Approach to International Market Selection and Nation Branding in Sub-saharan Africa

Published in: Africa Journal of Management
Volume 3, issue 3-4, 2017 , pages: 236–279
DOI: 10.1080/23322373.2017.1375812
Author(s): Andreas SchühlyStrategy Consultant, Germany, Helene TenzerDepartment of International Business, Germany


Despite the strong economic growth of many African countries, foreign investors often overlook their potential. Nation branding can raise the awareness of foreign investors to the particular strengths of these countries. To identify the specific image attributes of a nation that nation branding campaigns could prioritize, 144 managers evaluated the importance of 22 market selection criteria. In this study, using the analytical hierarchy process, we weighed those dimensions, condensing multifaceted information into a framework to evaluate the attractiveness of African countries for foreign direct investment (FDI). We subsequently applied this framework to 46 sub-Saharan nations. The results highlight the diversity among these countries, provide guidance for nation branding and serve to alert investors to frequently overlooked target markets. Our study substantially contributes to international market selection research by introducing a new screening method for emerging markets.

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