Interrogating patient-centredness in undergraduate medical education using an integrated behaviour model

Published in: South African Family Practice
Volume 59, issue 6, 2017 , pages: 219–223
DOI: 10.1080/20786190.2017.1386869
Author(s): E ArcherCentre for Health Professions Education, South Africa, EM BitzerCentre for Higher and Adult Education, South Africa, BB van HeerdenFaculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, South Africa


Background: Patient-centredness, an approach that puts the patient at the centre of the consultation, thus focusing on patients instead of on his/her diseases, has been identified by most medical schools as a desired core competence of their graduates. Despite some curriculum initiatives, medical students often display a lack of patient-centredness upon graduation. This bears reason for concern and it was thus deemed important to explore possible factors that influence the teaching and learning of patient-centredness in an undergraduate medical curriculum. The article suggests a framework that can assist programme developers to conceptualise the teaching and learning of patient-centredness across an undergraduate curriculum.

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