Nurses' monitoring of the Road to Health Chart at primary healthcare level in Makhado, Limpopo province

Published in: South African Family Practice
Volume 55, issue 3, 2013 , pages: 275–280
DOI: 10.1080/20786204.2013.10874350
Author(s): G KitengeLouis Trichardt Memorial Hospital,, I GovenderDepartment of Family Medicine,


Background: The Road to Health Chart (RTHC) is a record chart carried by the caregiver that combines essential information on the growth monitoring of a child, immunisation, vitamin A supplementation, deworming medicine and other illnesses. It provides useful information to the parent and healthcare professional. This study sought to determine the challenges faced by professional nurses in monitoring the RTHC during consultation, the degree of implementation of the RTHC programme, and the most utilised aspect of the RTHC at Louis Trichardt Memorial Hospital and surrounding primary healthcare (PHC) clinics.

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