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The Bryozoa of subantarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands: illustrated keys to the species and results of the 1982–1989 University of Cape Town surveys


The Bryozoa of subantarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands were sampled over the period 1982–1989 by dredging, SCUBA-diving and intertidal surveys. This paper comprises illustrated keys to all 82 species of Bryozoa collected during these and previous surveys, including 15 new species, 17 new records and 8 species identified to generic level. Summaries are provided of the depth distributions, abundances and habitats of the species. In all, 15 species were recorded in the shallow subtidal SCUBA surveys with Bicrisia edwardsiana in 70% of these samples, Celleporella bougainvillei and Celleporella alia in 58%, Figularia philomela in 47% and Fenestrulina majuscula in 44%. A total of 78 species was recorded from the dredged survey.

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