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The effect of tillage system and rate and time of nitrogen application on maize performance on a sandy Avalon soil

Published in: South African Journal of Plant and Soil
Volume 4, issue 3, 1987 , pages: 127–130
DOI: 10.1080/02571862.1987.10634958
Author(s): P.M. Lang, Republic of South Africa, J.B. Mallett, Republic of South Africa


Four nitrogen fertilizer regimes were superimposed on a tillage trial on a sandy Avalon soil at Dundee in 1985 in order to investigate whether the rate and time of N fertilizer application influenced the poor early-season growth and reduced yields found to occur in the treatments receiving least tillage. The tillage treatments were conventional tillage, chisel plough followed by off-set disc, chisel plough aloné and no-till, each split for rate (50 or 200 kg N ha-1) and time (all N at planting, or split applications at planting and 6 weeks later) of N application. Both tillage method and rate of N application significantly influenced maize grain yield, plant stand and leaf N content, but time of N application appeared to have no significant effect on any of the parameters measured. Regression analysis of leaf N content at ear initiation, silking and early dent stage with grain yield indicated that the latter was most strongly correlated with N nutrition at silking.

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