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  1. Lexicophony.1: Computer-generated composition

    Lexicophony.1: Computer-generated composition

    Item type: Journal Article • Journal: Journal of the Musical Arts in Africa
    The artificial organic environment, Lexicophony.1, is a computer-generated composition that involves a composer and a software program as an assistant composer. Here the term ‘organic’ implies a relationship with, or derivation from, living matter. This acousmatic composition exploits the movement...
  2. Textualising beyond Rorty's textualism

    Textualising beyond Rorty's textualism

    Item type: Journal Article • Journal: South African Journal of Philosophy
    While supporting radical anti-essentialism and the primacy of practical choices in delineating objects of inquiry, this paper spells out the constellation ‘beliefs-practices-meaning-objects-inquiry-texts-interpretation’ in a manner alternative to that suggested by Rorty's strong textualism based on the conception of ‘inquiry as...