Original Articles

A study of variations in floristic composition of highveld in the eastern Transvaal

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1985.9647994
Author(s): D.L. BarnesDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),, B.H. BeukesDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),, G.D. KotzéDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),


Floristic surveys of two 1500m line transects in veld provided data which indicated the nature of variations in veld composition, expressed in terms of species, palatability classes or weighted palatability classes. The transects were subjectively subdivided into units comprising relatively homogeneous communities and the validity of the subdivision was assessed by means of certain formal methods of classification and ordination. Preliminary tests of the effect of sampling intensity on estimates of floristic composition within units were made. The results are discussed in relation to the classification of veld as a grazing resource on a farm scale.

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