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Influence of stocking rate and grazing system on plant basal cover and botanical composition of veld in the northern cape1

DOI: 10.1080/02566702.1984.9647985
Author(s): J.H. FourieDepartment of Agriculture (Free State Region),, G.J. RedelinghuysDepartment of Agriculture (Free State Region),, D.P.J. OppermanDepartment of Pasture Science,
Keywords: veld condition


Changes in basal cover and botanical composition were recorded at four stocking rates, both under continuous and rotational grazing in the Northern Cape. The experiment was conducted with cattle. Results suggested that heavier stocking rates could be applied under rotational grazing than under continuous grazing without veld deterioration occuring. After four seasons, botanical composition deteriorated only under continuous grazing. Plant basal cover decreased significantly at the heavy stocking rates, both under rotational and continuous grazing. This result illustrates the danger of grazing strategies based on an injudicious increase in stock numbers.

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