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Monitoring of veld burns using satellite imagery

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9648998
Author(s): D. Edwards,, W.H. de VosDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),, D. HartkopfDepartment of Agriculture (Eastern Cape Region),, D.J. HattinghDepartment of Agriculture (Orange Free State Region),, J.J. ScheepersDepartment of Agriculture (Highveld Region),, A.F. WilbyDepartment of Agriculture (Natal Region),


Using simple image interpretation procedures, veld burning from June to October 1981 was monitored over 19 394 100 ha of the eastern agricultural regions of South Africa. From 1 096 burns, an area of 412 826 ha burnt veld was recorded, amounting to 2,1% of the total area examined. The northern Transvaal bushveld savanna and the moist grasslands of Natal and the eastern Cape Province showed the largest amount of burning and the highveld grassland of the Orange Free State low and neglible burning. Data are given on burn size, monthly development, veld types burnt and authorized burning.

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