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A comparison between the diets of small and large stock on mixed karoo veld1

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9648993
Author(s): P. BothaDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),, C.D. BlomDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),, E. SykesDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),, A.S.J. BarnhoornDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),


The botanical composition of the diet of oesophageally fistualated Dorper and Merino sheep, Boer goats and Afrikaner cattle, grazing a mixed Karoo veld, was determined quarterly. The botanical composition of the diets were determined by means of a microscope point survey. The large stock concentrated mainly on the grass component and the small stock mainly on karoo bushes, herbaceous plants and to a lesser extent on grass. The largest degree of similarity in the diets of the groups was during spring (approximately 35%), and the largest differences during summer and winter (approximately 28% similarity). Animal unit equivalents, incorporating dietary overlap are calculated for the four animal types.

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