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The effect of defoliation on the persistence of elionurus muticus (spreng.) kunth in the highland sourveld of natal

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9648989
Author(s): G.M. BrockettDepartment of Agriculture, Natal Region,


A small plot trial with different heights of defoliation of unpalatable Elionurus muticus and other grass species was conducted over a six year period in the drier phase of the Highland Sourveld of Natal. Results indicate that moderate defoliation of the “palatable” species and little or no utilization of the E. muticus will cause the plant to decrease in size. Heavy, selective defoliation of the “palatable” species will result in an increase or thickening up of the E. muticus in the sward. No utilization of both components resulted in a marked decrease in E. muticus tuft size and heavy, uniform utilization of all herbage had little effect on the size of the E. muticus tuft.

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