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Effect of seeding rate and espacement on the production of dryland medicago sa tiva on two soil forms on the eastern Transvaal highveld

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9648982
Author(s): N.F.G. RethmanDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),, C.C. de WittDepartment of Agriculture (Transvaal Region),


Dryland lucerne on a Longlands soil form produced 40% more material than on a Hutton soil form. There was also highly significant variation from season to season with greater variation and risk on drier soils. For all practical purpose the seeding rates and espacements used in this trial had no effect on yields. Unpredictable growth rates during the season as a result of rainfall distribution, aggravated by the species tendency to drop leaves when under stress, makes a conservative stocking rate desirable when the crop is utilized as grazing.

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