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Vegetation change in the karoo

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1983.9648976
Author(s): P.W. RouxDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),, M. VorsterDepartment of Agriculture (Karoo Region),


Large scale and often radical change has taken place in Karoo vegetation over the past three centuries. This change can be equated with desertification and desertization processes. Change largely embodies the thinning out of the vegetation, decrease or destruction of perennial grass, and an increase and spreading of undesirable karoo bush and woody species. In many instances veld types have changed and the drier types extended into β€˜the moister types. The overall vegetation change has been ordinated into five broadly overlapping phases. These are primary degradation, denudation, revegetation, secondary degradation and a desertified phase.

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