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Milk production from radically improved old fallows in the eastern Free State 1


Four levels of intensification on old fallows were investigated and evaluated for milk production under dryland conditions. The treatments comprised a control, a low, a moderate and a high level of fertilization (viz. 0 kg N/ha & 0 kg P/ha; 50 kg N/ha & 75 kg P/ha; 100 kg N/ha & 30 kg P/ha and 150 kg N/ha & 45 kg P/ha). Cows allocated to the control and low fertilizer levels grazed the existing vegetation dominated by Eragrostis spp. Moderately fertilized plots were’ oversown with E. curvula cv. Ermelo, while those of the high level were totally replaced by E. curvula cv Ermelo. Concentrate supplementation to cows and conservation of excess pasture were practised during the first three years. During the subsequent two years, no concentrate was fed and a system of put‐and‐take was applied on all pastures.

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