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Maximum profitability as a criterion for optimisation of utilisation intensity

DOI: 10.1080/00725560.1980.9648885
Author(s): J.E. DanckwertsFaculty of Agriculture,, C.J. van RooyenFaculty of Agriculture,


A technique is proposed for the formulation of a factor/product relationship between grazing days/hectare (ha) and liveweight gain/ha in order to relate maximum profitability to intensity of herbage utilisation in beef production systems in the False Thornveld of the Eastern Province. The technique is particularly attractive in view of the small experimental area it requires. The most profitable utilisation intensity for veld in good condition under a reasonably sophisticated management system is found to be ecologically acceptable in this veld type. This supports a proposal to impose a cash economy on pastoral agriculture in the less developed black states in South Africa in order to facilitate veld rehabilitation in these areas.

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