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Experiences of Managers and Healthcare Personnel Involved in a Functional Healthcare Public Private Partnership

Published in: Journal of Psychology in Africa
Volume 23, issue 2, 2013 , pages: 297–301
DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2013.10820626
Author(s): Esmeralda RicksNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, Dalena van RooyenNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, Moloko Priscilla GantshoNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa, Wilma ten HamNelson Mandela Metropolitan University, South Africa


This study explored the experiences of managers and healthcare personnel involved in a functional healthcare public private partnership (PPP) in a semi-rural area situated in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa. Data on how managers and healthcare personnel experienced their involvement with a functional healthcare PPP in the operational phase were collected from medical and non-medical participants from the administration, facility maintenance, and hospital departments (n = 9, females = 56%, public sector = 44%). The data were thematically analysed. Findings suggest that PPPs result in improved healthcare delivery standards as well as mutual benefits for both partners. Identified facilitators were: good communication and relationships, support from authorities, and perseverance and commitment. Lack of leadership, lack of skills, and attitude (non-compliance, negative attitudes) were identified barriers towards PPPs. PPPs have the potential to enable the public healthcare services in their efficiency.

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