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Your Culture or Mine? Changes in Cultural Sensitivity in a Service-Learning Class


This study investigated patterns of attitudinal change in students following a service-learning experience. The data for this study was collected from psychology students in their third and fourth years of study at the University of the Free State. All these students were involved in the Study Buddy Service-Learning module. The sample consisted of 75 students: 9 male and 66 female students; 37 black and 38 white students. Change in student attitude was measured by various multi-item scales such as the Social Dominance (Pratto, Sidanius, Stallworth, & Malle, 1994) and Universal Orientation Scale (Phillips & Ziller, 1997). Data were analysed using multiple analyses of variance. Results suggested differential racial effects: while the socially dominant attitudes of white students did not change, black students developed social dominance attitudes more congruent with those of the white students. For both black and white students, the collaborative nature of service-learning and interactive reflection enhanced a universal orientation to life.

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