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Longitudinal Predictive Validity of a Learning Potential Test


The aim of this article is to provide empirical psychometric evidence of the (longitudinal) predictive validity of a learning potential measure—the Learning Potential Computerised Adaptive Test (LPCAT)—in comparison with standard static tests with school aggregate results as the criterion measure. Participants were 79 boys (mean age 12.44, SD = 0.44) and 72 girls (mean age 11.18, SD = 0.42) attending two private schools. Correlation and regression analyses were used to evaluate the predictive validity of the learning potential and standard test scores for school aggregate academic results as criterion measure. Results indicate that learning potential scores were statistically significant predictors of aggregate academic results and provided results that were comparable to those of the standard test results—providing empirical support for the use of learning potential tests in mainstream educational settings.

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