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Home Brewed Alcohol use Among High School Students in a Rural South African Community

Published in: Journal of Psychology in Africa
Volume 16, issue 1, 2006 , pages: 65–75
DOI: 10.1080/14330237.2006.10820106
Author(s): Hans OnyaUniversity of Limpopo,, Alan FlisherUniversity of Cape Town,


This study investigates the use of home brewed alcoholic beverages among adolescents in high schools in a rural community in South Africa. There is much concern about alcohol misuse among young people and very little information exists on alcohol produced by the informal liquor industry in South Africa. A total of 1600 high school students participated in the study. The prevalence rates for past year use of home brewed alcohol was 22.2%. There was association between home brewed alcohol use and correlates such as “lived in city”; “raised by both parents”; “repeating school year”; “poor scholastic progress”; “absenteeism” “getting into trouble”, “arguing with parents/friends”; “neglecting homework”; and “recreation/leisure”. The prevalence rates for home brewed alcoholic beverages use in this rural schools calls for more research that focuses on home brews which could lead to the development of appropriate health promotion intervention in schools.

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