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A non-destructive sampling method for dendrochronology in hardwood species

Published in: The Southern African Forestry Journal
Volume 186, issue 1, 1999 , pages: 5–7
DOI: 10.1080/10295925.1999.9631235
Author(s): C.J. SteenkampDepartment of Agriculture,, M.W. van RooyenDepartment of Botany,, N. van RooyenDepartment of Botany,


Core sampling in indigenous hardwood species is not a common practise. A field method LOUS developed to obtain a large enough sample without permanently damaging the trees. A Milwaukee Dymo 2,3 k W electric drill fitted with a 2-speed gearbox and powered by a generator was used. A core drill bit (100 mm x 350 mm) fitted with tungsten tips was designed to fit the electric drill. Core samples of mature trees of unknown age were collected according to height and diameter classes in the Kalahari Gemsbok National Park. This nondestructive method was found to be suitable for collecting large core samples of hardwood species.

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