Scientific Paper

Micropropagation Via Axillary Bud Proliferation from Seedlings and Juvenile Shoots of Pinus patula Schiede et Deppe

Published in: The Southern African Forestry Journal
Volume 181, issue 1, 1998 , pages: 1–6
DOI: 10.1080/10295925.1998.9631173
Author(s): M.P. WattDepartment of Biology, South Africa, S. RamgareebDepartment of Biology, South Africa, B. HopeDepartment of Biology, South Africa, F.C. Blakeway, South Africa, N.P. Denison, South Africa


Axillary bud induction protocols were developed for Pinus patula Schiede et Duppe juvenile shoots and seedling explants. Investigations involved the establishment of conditions for the highest in vitro shoot multiplication and in vitro and ex-vitro rooting frequencies. The developed protocols yield approximately six plantlets per explant.

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